World Class International Whistler 
Sean Alan Lomax
Three Time Grand Champion Whistler Resume


"Corteo" South American, Central American Tour Thank you so much to each of the cities visited. GERMANY: Hamburg, BRAZIL: Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Curtiba, Rio De Janeiro, Porto Alegre ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires, Cordoba, CHILE: Santiago, PERU: Lima, COSTA RICA: San Jose, Columbia: Bogota, Mexico: Merida

 "Whistling This Christmas" Available at: JUST CLICK

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2013 2014 Cirque Du Soleil"Corteo" South American Tour

2009 International Whistlers Convention Entertainer of the year

2010 Offenburger Weihnachtscircus

2011 Circus Finlandia National tour 126 cities  

"Kiitos Suomi" "Mr. Bojangles"

2011 November Osaka Japan Concert.

2012 International Grand Champion Whistler

2012 Sonny Days Youngstown Shakedown 2 

2013 Pete's Christmas Hallmark Channel Fri. Nov. 8 Premieres






 Whistler Sean Lomax

Trumpeter's Lullaby


Torna A Surriento


Listen to the Edgewood Symphony with Guest Soloist Sean Lomax May 9, 2009 


Welcome to Whistle On


Commercial LA Radio Station KTWV (The Wave)


R&B Classic "Lovin You"


Jazz Standard "Take Five"



If you are looking for a unique talent for your next event, roll out, whistling in your commercial, concert guest soloist, radio or television guest entertainer, look no further Sean Lomax has been wowing audiences all over the world with his majestic stage presence and dynamic personality Sean is your man.